The Amazing Race ” 26 ” (or beyond!), Legs 1 and 2 – San Francisco → Albay → Ilocos Norte!

You’d think when The Amazing Race moved to Fridays, it would never be pre-empted or delayed, let alone by an awards show. But that’s what happened this week.

And already halfway through TAR25 (which has been the best season since TAR17!), it looks 50/50 that they’ll be making their long awaited return to the Philippines this season. Bertram’s tease in that TARPH promo in May must have meant TAR26.

And speaking of, CBS made the surprising, but welcome announcement that TAR26, first of all, would actually exist. But also that it would have a 90-minute premiere after Survivor‘s premiere in February.

So with no TAR this week, I started thinking about what TAR could do for its 90 minute premiere to help bring in new viewers and bring back old viewers who may have tuned out. Throwing in my wishlist for a San Francisco > Philippines opening Leg and here we go! Continue reading


Highlights from Phil Keoghan’s Live Chat About The Amazing Race

Phil had a live chat with fans yesterday (which you can watch here) and here are some of the very interesting highlights: Continue reading

The Amazing Race US Finally Returns to the Philippines!

Well not really. Not yet, at least. But I was in the Amazing Race wishlist mood today and I dug up my ideas for locations and tasks for what would be the first two Legs of a TARUS season. Definitely a wishlist/dream route/fantasy-kind of thing. But you never know. (Though, please credit me when using my ideas, thank you Bertram and Co. lol) =]

Let’s start the Race somewhere other than Los Angeles. And since my route heads to Asia first, San Francisco International Airport is a perfect alternative as a gateway to Asia.

And our Starting Line is at the Admiral Nimitz House on Yerba Buena Island right in the middle of San Francisco Bay. It provides a beautiful and stunning start to the Race with the teams being brought to the Starting Line on speedboats or even yachts as a nod to the recent America’s Cup. The brand new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge also rises up behind the Starting Line. Continue reading

Why Can’t We Have Amazing Race International All-Stars Instead?

So CBS and Bert & Co. actually mustered up the courage (or more bluntly, had the gall) to call TAR24 The Amazing Race All-Stars. That is absolutely hilarious and very sad at the same time.

If you haven’t seen the final cast list for TARAS2 (*shudder*), while I won’t spoil them here, I will say that half the cast don’t even deserve to be anywhere near the word “All-Star, ” let alone even get an invite back.

An absolutely absurd cast. And for any TAR season, a good cast is half of what makes the show enjoyable. That’s one of the biggest problems that have made the last couple of seasons pale in comparison to many of TAR’s classic seasons.

When it was first revealed that TAR24would be a returning Racers season, of course, TAR fans like myself had our own wish lists of who we wanted and/or thought to see again.

Most, if not all, fans were greatly disappointed in the cast we are getting. But it got me thinking about how casts of the international TARs in recent years have been so good and have easily topped any group of teams TARUS has trotted out lately. TARUS needs to grab some of the those casting directors.

So, why not scrap TARAS2 and instead cast some of the best and most interesting teams from Amazing Race around the world. For die-hard fans, it’d be great to see some familiar and favorite teams again. For the casuals, the teams would be absolutely new to them. Win-win!

I decided to make my own All-Stars wish list, but of teams from around the world. I’ve only watched the TARs of Asia, Australia, the Philippines and Canada, so the teams I’ve chosen are from those seasons and franchises. Also, I have 16 teams on this wishlist/shortlist with some either/or picks as well. But any 11 or 12 of these teams would be a huge step-up for TARUS, that’s for sure. Continue reading

International Versions Prove The Amazing Race Can Still Be Amazing

For the last few seasons, many dedicated fans of The Amazing Race have voiced their concerns and opinions that the show was losing its luster. Casting has been poor, tasks uninspired, Legs horribly designed.

Season after season, it seems the American original of what has become a true international franchise is stuck in cruise control.

But now it seems Bertram van Munster and Co. have to get themselves back into first gear. TAR lost the Emmy to The Voice last month, only their 2nd loss since the Reality-Competition Program category was introduced. The week after, the season premiere of TAR23 notched the show’s lowest premiere ratings ever. And now according to preliminary ratings, this week’s episode 3 may have garnered a series low 1.8 rating in the important 18-49 demo. Even a normal 0.1 adjustment up when the final ratings are released would still make it the lowest rated episode ever, tying it with the 2nd episode of TAR22 last February which went up against the Oscars.

TAR has been one of the steadiest shows on television, despite being a 12 year-old veteran, regularly placing in the Top 30 every week in recent seasons. But the show has still been on a steady ratings decline, albeit slower than the rest of network television.

The series low ratings this week are not yet cause for panic, but definitely a cause for concern and at the very least a wake-up call for the TAR brain trust to really step up their game for the currently in pre-production TAR24. Continue reading

Will The Amazing Race Australia Return?

Will The Amazing Race Australia Return? And Hints of Another Asian Race?

The award winning Australian version of The Amazing Race took a break this year with home network Seven instead reviving The Mole.  But an article from TV Tonight reports that a 3rd season of TARAu is very much in consideration for Seven.

Personally, I think we will definitely be seeing TARAu3 next year.  Being one of the most critically acclaimed international versions of TAR and its big awards haul, it should be a no-brainer for Seven to order another season.  Their revival of The Mole and host Grant Bowler’s big gig on Syfy’s Defiance  no doubt put TARAu on the backburner this year.

But also in the article, there is this curious line:
“activeTV, which produced [TARAu], has since produced versions in The Philippines, Ukraine, Israel and is planning another in Asia.”

So, what could that mean?  Has another Asian country bought the rights to the TAR format for their own version?  Or will we be seeing the long awaited return of The Amazing Race Asia for its 5th season?  TARA4 aired in 2010.

With this week’s premiere of The Amazing Race Canada and news of international versions running every week, looks like there will be plenty of TAR for years to come.

The Amazing Race Nominated for 5 Emmys; Phil Keoghan Snubbed!

The Amazing Race Nominated for 5 Emmys; Phil Keoghan Snubbed!

The Emmy nominations are out and The Amazing Race is once again nominated in the category it has dominated, Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.

But this year, TAR is only nominated in five categories, down from seven last year.  And the two omissions are big ones.  Phil Keoghan is not nominated for Outstanding Host, the first time since 2009  Phil was not nominated when the category was introduced in 2008.  And Bertram Van Munster is not nominated for Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming after five previous nominations.

TAR submitted Episode 22.07, “Be Safe and Don’t Hit a Cow.”

Phil’s snub seems to have made way for Anthony Bourdain to sneak into the category for The Taste, while Survivor scores two nominations in Directing for Nonfiction Programming for its two finales.

The nominees in the main Reality-Competition Program category are unchanged from last year; Dancing With the Stars, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef, and The Voice.

The Emmys will be handed out on Sunday, September 22nd on CBS

The Amazing Race‘s Emmy Nominations are: