Here’s Some Real Memorable Moments from 10 Years of The Amazing Race

Here’s Some Real Memorable Moments from 10 Years of The Amazing Race

CBS posted a nice video highlighting ten moments from the last ten years of The Amazing Race in celebration of its 10th Anniversary.  But I couldn’t help but feel like they dropped the ball with some of the choices, so I decided, why not collect some of my own choices for the best, most memorable moments in TAR’s 10 year history.

Here they are!
Best Breakdowns
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Most Heartwrenching Moments

Best LOL Moments

Best Foodie Moment

Best NSFW Moment

Best Finishes

Best Overachieving Moments

Best OMG Moments

Best Display of Karma
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Flashback Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 7 – “One of you… I’m going to break in half.”

No new AMAZING RACE tonight, so here’s one from one of the best episodes in TAR history… the historic 2nd part of the first ever double leg… and of course that bowl of tabasco sauce they had to eat in the ROAD BLOCK… lol… Also, quotes from episode 5…


Well we got our mega leg… and first off I have to say… TAR6 has officially tied TAR3 as the best season of TAR ever… And we’re only halfway through the season…

Okay… Lori & Bolo caught up and are now in 1st place… It was hilarious the way they just easily drank the blood… That labyrinth was freaky… (By the way, the AOL sn they used to get their e-mail was loribolar6 and the sender was Routemarkerar6 lol)… that day was also August 25th…

Anyway… intense stuff at the Rail Museum… I never saw a scramble like that for numbers ever on TAR… Freddy… woah, someone was drinking that morning… what an asshole… even Jonathan was telling him to calm down, now when that happens you know you’re going overboard… loved Bolo making fun of him… anyway… how disgusting, but freakin’ hilarious was him throwing up into his soup, then eating it again… lol… it made Kendra cry… lol… She was the one who made him throw up… she made him look at the throw up on the floor

I love Jon & Kris… what a perfect DETOUR for Jon… he plays Water Polo… but the teams easily scored goals, I thought the players were suppose to be really good… Anyway… they are my favorite team of all time now… lol, first Jon commented on how hot Kris looked and now she did the same for him… why not, they really are… What can you not like about them… I felt bad for Jon though, he was about to cry… lol… Another funny moment when he was telling the chef to put a little less spice next time… “Just tone it down a little crack next time.” … in the car “… “Between the bowl of tabasco sauce and the screeching violins… it was like a torturous project.”

That ROAD BLOCK ranks up there as one of the most memorable (swimming in a frozen lake in your underwear… the masks…) Heron & Aiden… oops I mean Aaron & Hayden… As soon as Victoria starts upchucking, there goes Aaron… and then that music, what the hell… that was just chaos at the restaurant… That was a great scene in the restaurant with the three teams… I was surprised at Rebecca… but then she threw up outside… Jonathan is screaming at Victoria in the restaurant (“You can’t do this drama queen”) and then in the car he’s all like “I’m sorry I made you do that” oh man… AMAZING stuff… Victoria looked horrible afterward…

I want to ride a Finnicular (Finniculi, finnicular?)… they look cool… I thought F & K were going to be eliminated… sad that Gus & Hera were eliminated… I really liked them…


NEXT WEEK: During a Roadblock, Teams go barefoot to complete a task popularized by Lucille Ball.
So they get to make wine with their feet and then get attacked by a crazy Italian woman who they get into a grapefight with…. lol WOW, my two favorite shows of all time together I LOVE LUCY and THE AMAZING RACE


Mary Jean: “I just looked in the mirror, I look 40 years older than when we left.”

Bolo: “Just be quiet, mouth”

Hayden: “Just becuase you’re 5’5″ and on steroids…”

Jonathan: “You gotta have an appreciation for the people who make Mercedes”

Hera: “That is the perfect example of why running too fast is bad”

Taxi driver: “You need a fast taxi, ya?”

Mary Jean: “We’ve got to be missing something, big time, major”

Don: “I’ve always wanted to make sausage”

Victoria: “Leave me alone.”

Jonathan: “I never promised to leave you alone. That’s why I married you.”

Bolo: “Why you gotta be a bitch?”

Hera: “We have to find our pictures… Hera? Black people?”

Rebecca: “Pay attention!”
Adam: “Oohh, I’m paying attention”

Hera: “I don’t think you’re allowed to drink it Daddy”

Adam: “Ewe. he’s eating it.”

Hera: “You’re looking like a freakin’ wash!”

Gus: “Its good beer”

Hera: “You’ve got a problem”
Gus: “I woud’ve liked to stay a little while longer, that was excellent beer”

Hera: “I would’ve liked it better if my Dad was listening to me.”

Rebecca: “Push, push, a little more”
Adam: “I WANT MORE than 7 inches… Can I get one of these for my home?”

Adam: “I’m surprised Jonathan isn’t here, he’s the biggest weiner of them all”

Don: “Go ahead, and push it in nice and slow”

Mary Jean: “I’m pushing as hard as I can”

Mary Jean: “We were going ‘7 inches, 7 inches’… My God, 7 inches is really big!”

Mary Jean:”I love when you drive like a madman”





The Amazing Race‘s Kris and Jon Move On

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Race‘s Kris and Jon Move On
by Ethan Alter

Kris and Jon
Kris Perkins and Jon Buehler

With a whopping 92 percent popularity rating on, Jon Buehler and Kris Perkins easily qualify as this season’s most beloved Amazing Racers. Honestly, how could you dislike these sweet long-distance daters? In a season filled with screaming matches and shoving incidents, the hot couple charmed viewers with their positive attitudes and genuine affection for each other. Believe it or not, they are just as nice in real life. Here, Jon and Kris discuss their relationship and why they’re really OK with finishing second.

TV Guide Online: It’s safe to say that, like last time, this race was determined by a single plane ride.
Jon Buehler:
Yeah, that was definitely the deciding factor. We did ask the American Airlines guy several times, “Are you sure this is the first plane to land in Chicago?” And he kept saying that he was absolutely positive. So we just took his word for it, got the tickets and ran over to the Internet cafe to find information about where the Water Tower was in Chicago.
Kris Perkins: We hadn’t experienced any problems with that sort of thing throughout the entire race. Most people were honest when their flight wasn’t the first one in. In retrospect, it was the wrong move, but at the time we were like, “OK, we got the tickets, let’s move on to the next thing.”

TVGO: You made up time in the air, though, landing only five minutes after the United flight touched down. And weren’t you on the same train into the city as Freddy and Kendra?
We thought we were, but it turned out that wasn’t the case. The MTA lady who helped us said, “They’re on the train, you better hurry up and get down there.” But they really weren’t. We were actually on the train behind them, and [the trains] ran at about eight-minute intervals.

TVGO: So ultimately, how many minutes were you behind Freddy and Kendra coming to the finish line?
We’re really not sure, but I think we were about seven minutes behind. We were just coming into the pizza parlor as they were leaving. We got through that pretty quickly and we were able to find a cab pretty quickly that knew where it was going, whereas I think Freddy and Kendra got a little lost. But once we hit that train, we were delayed about ten minutes. So if that train hadn’t come, I’m not sure how much closer it would have been.

TVGO: You were easily the most popular team, largely because of your positivity. Watching the show, did you ever think, “Geez, shouldn’t we have yelled at each other just once?”
[Laughs] We just really don’t do that. It’s just not part of our personality, I guess.
Jon: We’ve always enjoyed each other’s company, and we really just loved being there and having the opportunity to enjoy this experience. I ran the race with my best friend and you can’t ask for anything better than that.
Kris: Jon and I woke up every morning and we couldn’t believe where we were. We’d wake up and go, “Can you believe we’re in Ethiopia?” And we were both healthy and safe, so it’s like, what’s bad?

TVGO: Does it feel weird to have strangers come to you raving about your relationship?
It fills me with pride. I’m very proud of Jon and [myself] and to have people recognize that feels very good.
Jon: It’s very inspiring. It inspires us to continue on with how we are and to just stay tight and respect each other. It’s a great thing and it’s neat to see that everyone saw our relationship and really appreciated how we were with each other.

TVGO: You had been long-distance dating for about a year before the race. Was this the longest time you’d spent together in person?
We actually spent the month before we left for the race together. But I think the race itself is the longest time anyone ever spends with each other — 24/7 for thirty days? That takes a lot.
Jon: Before the race, we wanted to get on the same page, so we trained together and ate together to get ready for the whole thing in general. We wanted to be a tight unit going into the race and be ready for whatever they were going to throw at us.
Kris: Even before the race, we tried to see each other as often as possible, but sometimes there would be a week in between. But we would always talk on the phone four or five hours a day. So I think our friendship and getting to know each other went to a different level, more so than on a date of two hours here or two hours there.
Jon: When all you have is the phone to communicate, you learn a lot about somebody else over the course of several hours. We built an excellent friendship above all.

TVGO: Was it hard to watch a couple like Jonathan and Victoria fighting?
I think it’s too bad that people let negative things come into their relationship and that they didn’t enjoy the race as much as they could have.
Jon: A lot of the other contestants have said that they wish they enjoyed the race more instead of arguing. But you know, to each their own. We just tried to stay away from the negativity that was going on at certain times and run our own race.

TVGO: Would you do anything differently if you ran the race over?
I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe I wouldn’t drink the water in Sri Lanka. I did spend a night with the toilet after that!
Jon: All in all, I’m really proud of how we ran the race. I’m just so proud of how everything ended up.
Kris: Yeah, it just wasn’t our time. Besides, everything that $1 million could buy, we have.
Jon: Yeah, the money was never a huge factor. We were out at this big party the other night after the finale, and we were overwhelmed by the support [from fans]. That was worth more than any amount of money you could possibly imagine.

TVGO: What’s next for you both? You live together now, right?
Yeah, we’re living together in Arizona now, but we also have a place in California. My business is in Arizona, so right now we’re just settling down. Once we can step away, then we’ll probably head back to California. We both love to travel and love the whole travel industry. We’ve actually talked to a couple of people from different magazines, so maybe we’ll get in touch with them and do some travel editorials. That would be fun to do.

TVGO: Finally, do you have a favorite Race memory?
For me, it was the times when Jon and I were off by ourselves enjoying where we were and not having the pressure of having to get to a flight.
Jon: While we were between legs in Sweden, we were sequestered on this boat and at night, we would grab a cup of tea, sit out on the bow and realize what was going [on] and how cool this whole experience was.
Kris: Yeah, everyone else was sleeping and we kind of snuck away and just sat up there. Our strategy was never to be eliminated just so that we could see every place possible.


Amazing Race Rap

LOL… go download The Amazing Race Rap at Jonathan and Victoria’s website… lol… its okay, except for the Canadian part…

Battlestar Galactica

Just read an interview with Kristy of Lena & Kristy (who, if they had not run into such bad luck with hay would probably have been just at lovable as Kris & Jon) who said that the train arrived literally 30 seconds after F&K started running… so Kris & Jon still could’ve had a chance to catch up… STUPID TRAIN AND AMERICAN AIRLINES TICKET AGENT!!!!

Anyway… lol

It was an okay episode… Gaius is so weak… geez… Boomer/Sharon is greatting pretty annoying… and not just becuase she’s a cylon… and how about Chief and his crew… weird people… lol… President Laura Roslin wasn’t as badass this week… and I’m sure that if there ever were an overthrow of Roslin ;) her trusty assisstant Billy Keikeya will become President, or at least have a big part of the new administration

Ugh.. sat through SPD while eating breakfast and it just got worse from last week… they snuck in a sexual innuendo and gave off a 70s cheap cop show vibe… ewe… HOWEVER, there are rumors that there WILL be a DINOTHUNDER/SPD team-up… I can’t wait to see SPD get owned by DT :)

<-lol… double that 8!

Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 13 – Season Finale


I love Kris & Jon… they are just amazing… not once in this whole RACE did they fight, yell, degrade each other, insult each other, insult the country they were in, or lose their cool… every chance they had, they would enjoy their surroundings (no matter where they were), have fun, motivate each other, encourage each other, love each other, love other people… they are just simply the BEST team to ever run THE AMAZING RACE… they appreciated everything, made few mistakes, were very strong, always pulled ahead using their strength and intelligence… and like Jon said about Kris in Africa… They both looked “damn good” running the Race… I just can’t say enough about them… CONGRATULATIONS ON A TRULY AMAZING RACE

Freddy & Kendra were the last team I wanted to win out of the Final Four… Kendra acted like a spoiled bitch the entire Race… she made incredibly racist comments about ALL the “third world/ghetto” countries, if not most of all the countries… She and Freddy would constantly fight over the most unimportant things… and we saw a lot of that again tonight… Freddy was so cocky the entire Race… from thinking he could “break [Lori & Bolo] in half” to thinking he and Kendra could fly into first every leg… he was incredibly smug, and luck played a big part in them winning… They called their Chinese taxi driver a “dumbass” … very polite … and then Freddy asking the police officer to lead their taxi because it was an “emergency”… geez… They would have been eliminated in Ethiopia had it not been for Adam and Jonathan‘s stupid mistakes… And how that “dying child” crap at the airport… what a frackin bitch… NO MORE MODELS ON THE AMAZING RACE… becuase they will probably be cocky and spoiled…

Hayden & Aaron would’ve been my 2nd pick to win… up until tonight’s episode… They exploded and almost began acting like Jonathan & Victoria (no to each other, but to the Chinese people and their backpacks)… and they quit… No matter what… you should never quit THE AMAZING RACE as seen in season 1… while it wouldn’t have mattered tonight, their quitting showed their weakest parts that can’t really justify a $1 Million. Congrats on their engagement though… we’ll see tomorrow if they are still engaged… lol

Adam & Rebecca let their relationship or whatever they call it hurt them big time in the Race… From uncondusive sunglasses to lost sunglasses… Adam & Rebecca were a mess… they got through every leg on pure luck…

As for the finale… let’s go in order… the mix-up with captioning Kris & Jon as Hayden & Aaron was funny… I was very surprised by the anger they showed… after that they deserve to be eliminated… and quitting is never a good thing…

TAR6 will be the one with the hardest ROAD BLOCKS for sure… those keys were brutal, but Kris managed to figure out that you only try the big locks pretty quick… she should’ve gone up to 7pm, but their frustration set in…

I did not like both DETOUR and ROAD BLOCK in Hawaii when the final city was not Honolulu… the ROAD BLOCK should be in the final city, just like TAR3 with “travel by foot” a mandatory task… taxis should not be the deciding factor… and neither should be ticket agents who don’t want passengers to go to another airline…

Pizza? Instead of promoting a little pizza joint… they should’ve had a ROAD BLOCK in Chicago… I liked how they started and ended in Chicago… Of course I hated the ending… but what can I do? I was on the edge of my seat starting at 10:35PM… I had my hands folded, praying that Kris & Jon would win (yeah… there are more important things to pray for, but I will before I go to sleep)… what about that train? where did that come from? anyway… the racist and the cocky asshole won season 6 of THE AMAZING RACE… I think now the most undeserving winning team ever…

THE BEST TAR FINALE (regardless of winner):
1. TAR6
2. TAR3
3. TAR1
4. TAR2
5. TAR4
6. TAR5

1. Rob/Brennan (TAR1)
2. Chip/Kim (TAR5)
3. Chris/Alex (TAR2)
4. Flo/Zach (TAR3)
5. Reichen/Chip (TAR4)
6. Freddy/Kendra (TAR6)

1. TAR6
2. TAR3
3. TAR1
4. TAR4
5. TAR5
6. TAR2

1. TAR3
1. TAR6
3. TAR1
4. TAR5
5. TAR2
6. TAR4

1. Kris/Jon (TAR6)
2. Kelly/Jon (TAR4)
3. Teri/Ian (TAR3)
4. Ken/Gerard (TAR3)
5. Frank/Margarita (TAR1)




The Amazing Race 6 Finale TONIGHT!