Meet the Teams of The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2!

Only a few days to go until the 2nd season of The Amazing Race Philippines premieres on TV5.

On Monday, October 6 at 7pm, 11 brand new teams will set off on the biggest adventure on Philippine TV. After a solid first season cast, if the previews are anything to go by, this new set of Racers look ready to be even more competitive, more fun and especially more dramatic.

The 11 teams are: Continue reading


What Qualities Do The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 Teams Have?

TV5 has just unveiled the latest round of teasers for The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2, premiering in one week! This time, the four promo teasers tell us a little more about the 11 new teams by grouping them into four different categories describing the qualities they have that should help them on the Race.





And FINALLY, here is the Full Trailer:

The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 premieres Monday, October 6th on TV5.

The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 Full Trailer is Here!

activeTV Asia has uploaded the full trailer for the The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2!

(You can also watch the video on activeTV’s official Facebook page.)

ETA (9/25/14): activeTV has removed the trailer from their Facebook! =(

The 5 and a half minute trailer features an exciting array of scenes from the season including the Starting Line and teases new and familiar tasks, intense competition and what appears to be some very explosive confrontations!

The new season of The Amazing Race Philippines premieres October 6th on TV5!

Also, get to know the teams at the official TV5 Amazing Race Philippines website.

More Details Revealed for The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2

activeTV revealed a lot more details about season 2 of The Amazing Race Philippines in a press release today.

Confirming a grand prize of P2 million from PLDT Home Telpad, 2 house and lots from RCD Royal Homes and 2 brand new Kia Sportage cars, the press release also confirmed the new season would air for 10 weeks on TV5.

activeTV touted overseeing the entire production of the series; from casting to scouting locations to final production.

Director and activeTV president Michael McKay who earlier tweeted: “The Amazing Race Philippines season 2 is going to a seriously good one,” talked about the challenges of doing a nightly version of the Race instead of the usual weekly one-hour episodes. McKay says TAR creator Bertram van Munster, ABC Disney and activeTV worked together to develop a format that would suit the nightly format unique to The Amazing Race Philippines.

Included in that development was dropping the Fast Forward and making sure to maintain TAR’s signature pace while keeping action condensed in half-hour installments.

McKay also raved about the beauty of the Philippines while TV5 Vice President and Production Unit Head Margie C. Natividad complimented the foreign crew members who also fell in love with the Philippines and helped create what she hopes is another award worthy piece of work. The Amazing Race Philippines won a Golden Screen Award for its first season.

Here is the full press release: Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2 Teams and Premiere Date Revealed!

Tonight is the big night as TV5 officially launched Season 2 of the ENPRESS Golden Screen Award Winning The Amazing Race Philippines.

While a grand presscon was happening at Resorts World Manila, TV5 aired a shiny, brand new teaser officially revealing the 11 new teams, giving fans a first look at the Starting Line at Baluarte De San Diego in Intramuros and the official premiere date of Monday, October 6 at 7pm.

In an interview with MJ Marfori on TV5’s Aksyon earlier, Derek Ramsay revealed the Race would air Monday through Friday with weekend replays. And he promised a bigger, more exciting and drama-filled Race this season with a diverse group of teams that provided them with a lot of material. During the presscon, Derek also revealed that teams will get the chance to win up to P200,000 in each Leg. And the bigger grand prize includes not only the P2 million, but 2 house and lots from RCD Homes and 2 Kia Sportages.

And those 11 teams are:

Team Juan D, Daniel & Charlie – Pinay World Champs, Luz & Chen – Team Mr. Pogi, JP & Kelvin

Team Nerds, Vince & Ed – The Chefs, Roch & Eji – Sexy Besties, Jeck & RR

Travel Buddies, Zarah & Osang – Blondies, Avy & Tina – Dating Couple, Phoebe & Matt

Magkapatid/Siblings, Jet & Yna -n Mag-Ama/Father & Son, AJ & Jody

Here is TV5’s official team reveal teaser: Continue reading

Seasons 14 and 15 of The Amazing Race Now Available on DVD!

After seasons 12 and 13 finally shipped out from Amazon just a couple of weeks ago, seasons 14 and 15 have been quietly released this past week!

It’s a pleasant surprise since I don’t seem to remember any news of the release or any TV commercials during the shows promoting them.

Nonetheless, they’re already available exclusively from Amazon. Check them out here:

And here are the DVD covers for both seasons:

So be sure to order your copies and enjoy such moments as Luke’s first epic meltdown with surfboards, Jamie & Cara’s horrible taxi luck and every moment with “Team Zebra” Brian & Ericka.

Bertram Van Munster Teases Everything Philippines-Related Amazing Race + Asia’s Still On!

Amazing Race co-creator and executive producer Bertram Van Munster visited the Philippines a few weeks ago and were welcomed by TV5 executives. They talked about his success with creating and producing TAR and likely talked about TV5’s own Amazing Race Philippines. But many fans also speculate that Bertram was in the Philippines to possibly scout locations for Fall’s Season 25.

It definitely appears The Amazing Race US will be heading back to the Philippines (finally) very soon. TV5 has released the latest teaser for season 2 of The Amazing Race Philippines featuring Bertram Van Munster talking about how “it’s high time” they went back to the Philippines and explaining that the cast is the “secret” of what likely makes a good show. (Hmm… considering the casts we’ve gotten for the most recent TARUS seasons? He must not be following his own advice. Hee.)

Watch his invitation to all Kapatids:

And more good news? While the lack of “Biyaheng Asya” in the latest TARPh promos has worried some, fear not! TV5’s Amazing Race Philippines page just went live online this week and it says: Muling magbabalik ang pinakamalaking karera sa buong bansa at Asya! or The biggest Race around the country and ASIA is returning!. So there is still hope for a couple of Asian Legs on TARPh2.

Lots of great news about TARPh2 this week. So stay tuned for the start of auditions which TV5 promises is very, very soon. (I hope!)