Hindsight Review: So, What Happened with Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce? No, Seriously. What Happened?

Minor spoilers. Also read my First Impression Review and Check-in Review

It’s a good thing I’m writing this Hindsight Review after watching the extended version of the Super Megaforce finale because it honestly left me with some positive feelings.

If I started writing this after Saturday’s airing of the original finale cut or last week in anticipation of the US premiere or even last month after the final episodes aired internationally, I might have been a lot more negative and pissy.

So hand it to some passable editing of Gokaiger footage and Melody Perkins as Karone saying she loves being a Power Ranger (complete with Astronema overlay) that I’ll actually be more less disappointed or upset.

At the end of Power Rangers (Super) Samurai, I expressed my disappointment in the two years that had gone by and a hope that the next two years would see some improvement. I otherwise had no expectations for Megaforce for fear that I would once again be disappointed with the result.

Not having any expectations pretty much tempered the disappointment I should be feeling with the season. Continue reading


Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (20) 40 – “It’s really over!”

Megaforce 40

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (20) 40 – Legendary Battle

The city is in chaos and ruins. People are injured and trapped everywhere. Continue reading

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (19) 39 – “Don’t forsake me!”

Orion is saying goodbye to Ernie. Ernie wishes him luck and retires Orion’s apron. Emma picks him up from the mall. He says he’s learned so much from them.

She gets emotional. She, they! will all miss him. Continue reading

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (18) 38 – “I got ya covered bro.”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (18) 38 – Emperor Mavro

Megaforce 38

Damaras and Levira are on the ship, wondering what their next orders are now that Vekar is dead. Suddenly, they appear to get attacked. But actually, it is Emperor Mavro himself. He is here to punish Damaras for his failure and incompetence. But also to get revenge on the Rangers who murdered his children.

Downtown, the Rangers are fighting off X-Borgs. And they easily finish them off, but the others notice Jake is clowning around. They demorph and he explains that he’s just making things interesting and fun. This is the end! There’s no more monsters. Continue reading

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (17) 37 – “You’re more foolish than I thought.”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (17) 37 – Vrak is Back, Part 2

Now it’s time for Drill Horn to play his part and Robo Knight to destroy the Rangers.

The Rangers run over to the just installed drill. Gia uses her Rock Rush card to hurl a rock at the huge thing, but the rock just shatters to pieces. Vrak appears and laughs. Robo Knight is by his side and declares it is time for the Power Rangers to end. (I agree! lol) Continue reading

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (16) 36 – “I thought the Power Rangers would actually have some power!”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (16) 36 – Vrak is Back

Vrak is back. And he feels no remorse over the loss of his little brother who conveniently provided a distraction to the Rangers while he prepared the drills he would use to tear Earth apart.

But first, he captures Orion to drain him of his alien life force to help disable the Rangers’ Legendary Powers and then turn one of their own against them. Continue reading

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce, Episode (15) 35 – “You guys have to eject!!!”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce – Episode (15) 35 – All Hail Prince Vekar

Gosei tells the Rangers they’ve earned a day off for all the hard work they’ve done. The Rangers convince Gosei to let them take the Sky Ship out for a joyride.

Meanwhile, Prince Vekar’s father has sent the Royal Guard to deliver a new Armada Megazord to help in the fight. Vekar thinks this is exactly what they need to destroy the Rangers. He wants to pilot it himself. Damaras is not sure about that. Continue reading