An Open Letter to Mr. Peter Berg

Dear Mr. Berg,

I have been a huge fan of Friday Night Lights. From the first time I watched the pilot episode and was amazed by what I had just stumbled upon up to the final moment when Coach and Mrs. Coach walked off the football field in Philadelphia and the lights turned off for the last time.

Every time I’ve written about Friday Night Lights , I’ve noted the many aspects of the show that I believed resonated with so many viewers including myself; the sincerity, the realism, the humility and maybe most importantly, the universality of the show’s characters, stories and themes.

Friday Night Lights never sought to divide, I thought, instead Continue reading


Clear Eyes, Full Hearts – How Friday Night Lights and Works of Fiction Can and Should Inspire Anyone

It’s been over a year now that Coach and Mrs. Taylor walked off the field on NBC’s Friday Night Lights. But for fans, the show continues to live on with fond memories of five seasons (well, maybe half-fond for season 2) of exemplary television.

Surprisingly enough, the series has popped up in the last week in the most unlikely of places… the presidential campaign. Continue reading

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts! Congratulations Kyle Chandler and Jason Katims!

What a night! A huge congratulations to Kyle Chandler and Jason Katims for their Emmy wins tonight. So well deserved and such a long time coming. Also congrats to Connie Britton and Friday Night Lights itself for their long deserved nominations and should-be wins.

Here’s a wonderful fan-made trailer of the entire series that sums up the series very nicely:

For Your Emmy Consideration – Kyle Chandler & Connie Britton

It is a crime that Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton haven’t been showered with Emmys for their performances as Eric and Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights.

More affectionately called Coach and Mrs. Coach by the series’ devoted fans, Chandler and Britton have given some phenomenal performances, week after week, since the show premiered in 2006.

Their chemistry is Continue reading

For Your 2011 Emmy Consideration

All in one place. ;)

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For Your Emmy Consideration – Friday Night Lights

Five years, five seasons. Friday Night Lights defied the odds and remained TV’s biggest underdog. It might not have been grabbed the ratings, but it certainly captured the hearts and minds of the millions of fans who were lucky enough to have watched.

A drama series about the residents of a small football-loving town in Texas doesn’t immediately scream Continue reading

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – The Final Season Begins Tonight on NBC

The beautifully satisfying final season of “one of television’s greatest achievements” makes its broadcast television premiere tonight at 8/7c on NBC.