First Impression Review: Maine Mendoza Carries Slow First Week of Destined to be Yours


Minor first week spoilers/discussion. Click here for the Hindsight Review.

That it took so long is a discussion all its own. But finally, the Alden Richards-Maine Mendoza loveteam, aka AlDub, made their teleserye debut this week headlining the romantic comedy Destined to be Yours.

AlDub took the Philippines and the world by storm. Their unexpected and rapid rise in popularity and social media’s role in it will be the subject of future Media Studies courses in the country. But for now, most are concentrated on them finally making the jump from noontime and Eat Bulaga to primetime.

Pop culture and entertainment in the Philippines is driven by loveteams. Whether it’s soap operas, movies, TV commercials or even reality shows, Filipinos are drawn in by the idea of love and romance. So the next logical step for AlDub was for them to headline their own daily soap opera. For their many fans, it provides the opportunity to see them regularly in considerably more romantic situations than they may have opportunity for on a noontime variety show. For their managements and especially the network, it’s a chance to finally cash in on their record success with a primetime slot.

However now that the time has finally arrived, AlDub’s primetime debut has mostly been flat and uninspired. Continue reading


First Impression Review: Nadine Lustre a Highlight on ABS-CBN’s Promising On The Wings of Love

Some spoilers and premise discussion.

A charming Nadine Lustre highlights ABS-CBN’s newest primetime drama On The Wings of Love.

The series debut of the popular Nadine Lustre-James Reid loveteam (better known as JaDine) mostly hits the right notes in its first two episodes. Continue reading

First Impression Review: TV5’s Fun and Refreshing and ParangNormal Activity

No spoilers.

TV5 continues its noble effort to draw in new viewers with its two family friendly series and ParangNormal Activity.

Produced by The IdeaFirst Company for TV5, the two series manage to be good fun while being able to raise the bar for locally produced series. Continue reading

First Impression Review: TV5 Carefully Mixes Some Filipino Flavor Into Faithful Baker King Adaptation

Very, very minor spoilers. Read my review introduction here. For my final, spoilerific Hindsight Review, click here.

After the first two weeks, TV5’s Baker King is off to a very good start. The series, so far, is a faithful adaptation of the blockbuster Korean original with a careful, just right helping of Filipino flavor mixed in.

I’m coming into Baker King having watched and absolutely Continue reading

Pre-First Impression Review: My Wait for TV5’s Baker King

Right up front, TV5’s Baker King is off to a very good start. The series, so far, is a faithful adaptation of the blockbuster Korean original with a careful, just right helping of Filipino flavor mixed in. (Full First Impression Review here.)

But let’s rewind a little bit first.

It was 2010 when Baker King, Kim Tak Gu aired on KBS in Korea to huge numbers, earning a “national drama” title, raking in awards and propelling the careers of its lead actors Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Won. It captivated audiences around the world, myself included. In fact, I wondered if Continue reading

First Impression Review: Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop Has Potential

No spoilers.

When it was first reported that Nick Cannon was developing a K-pop-inspired show for Nickelodeon, K-pop fans were incensed. They cringed at the idea and were not looking forward to seeing their precious K-pop somehow be misrepresented, trivialized or blasphemed to American audiences. (As if K-pop doesn’t do a good job of that on its own.)

And again, this was before a single frame had been filmed.

The faux outrage only grew when the first clips appeared as the actual premiere date drew close.

This is pretty much another example of people needing to learn to actually wait to see something before judging it. But after actually seeing it, I can say that K-pop fans have nothing to be worried about. (They didn’t have anything to be worried about in the first place anyway.) Continue reading

Review: If Lucky Enough, Ascension Has Potential to Be Syfy’s Next Big Series

No spoilers. Good Ol’ Review of miniseries and First Impression Review should Ascension get ordered to series.

It’s been almost six years since Battlestar Galactica ended its run on Sci Fi. And in those six years, the Sci Fi channel itself has gone through big changes, as has the rest of television, especially genre television.

There would be times in the last six years when I felt a longing for another Battlestar Galactica to pop up somewhere on TV. Another epic, high concept series to sink my teeth (and my mind) into. Maybe even another space opera. While there have been some possibilities (including the aborted Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome prequel), none have really caught my attention. Continue reading