Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 3 – “Counting bears is not rocket science.”


Lena & Kristy are amazing… they could’ve won the whole thing, but they ran into serious bad luck today… seriously, how could she not have found one clue after maybe 100 bales when others found theirs after maybe 10… when they went back to the field after Don & Mary Jean checked in, I thought “yes… non-elimination” but then again, its too early for one and of course once Kristy said it then I knew for sure it was an elim leg.

Lori & Bolo should’ve been eliminated tonight… ugh… but I am happy that Don & Mary Jean made it through… I hated it when it was between them and Lena & Kristy at the end… They are very strong after what they went through this leg… great job… Kris & Jon are just blazing through… good for them, still one of my faves… I think they are the new John Vito & Jill (TAR3)… Gus & Hera are growing on me… they’re still no Jim & Marsha but they’re okay… Hayden & Aaron were okay too… but I thought they were going to go in for a tie but Aaron used his superspeed again…

Freddy & Kendra were there today? Didn’t notice… and Adam & Rebecca still annoying… but loved all the reactions to Jonathan & Victoria… Jonathan is officially 50x worse than Colin ever could be…

Was this basically a 25 minute commercial for Ikea? The DETOUR was hilarious… I loved it… and the ROAD BLOCK was brutal… I guess they’re limiting the YIELDS this time around… I wanted Don and MJ to Yield Lori & Bolo if they got ahead of them…

The IceBar looks pretty cool though… Loved Hera drinking some of that stuff while waiting in line… lol…

This is definitely the most hilarious episode of the season… and after the so-so premiere, this season is getting better and better… lol… Rebecca makes fun of Adam next week by criticizing him when Lori is beating him “you’re letting a girl beat you”… hmm…




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