Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 1 – “The game’s afoot.”


“The world is waiting… travel safe… GO!” And so begins the 6th season of THE AMAZING RACE. This is the first two hour premiere, and it was packed with people getting lost, not one, but two angry and dysfunctional couples, and a lot of ice.

I liked how they didn’t reveal which plane would arrive first until it actually touched down in Iceland. Iceland looks like a beautiful place… lots of open space though… Of course, at the starting gate, Don & Mary Jean are my favorites. I always root for the older teams first. Otherwise, I had no idea who to root for. Early on, I liked Gus & Hera just because they were the father/daughter team, but they didn’t seem to have that something special that Jim & Marsha had last season. Of course, we sympathized with Jim when he busted up his knee and Jim never came out of a tent in only his briefs and then used the ice outside to wash himself.

I thought I was going to like the wrestlers, but boy where they annoying… and angry… however, their dysfunction was not to the extreme that is Jonathan & Victoria… now, there was something about Colin & Christie that was annoying, but still you loved to watch that train wreck… and Colin was just an angry man… Jonathan is freakin’ insane, and I don’t think Victoria is all there either… they are just both wierd… angry and wierd and insane…

Hayden & Aaron impressed me, they did really well and Aaron has to be a freakin’ track star since he was running everywhere and FAST… Kris & John I think are the Brandon & Nicole of the season… not in the religious sense, but being the “nice” couple, though they did make a joke about another team, I forgot what it was…

Adam & Rebecca is another one of the wierder teams… “Hellboy” as they call Adam… hmm… his voice is kinda… you know… well let me just say annoying… maybe that’s why they had problems?? never mind, just kidding… Avi & Joe were witty, but boring most of the time… Lena & Kristy seem like a team that can win it all… Freddy & Kendra were just there, though Kendra seemed to whine a lot or maybe it was just all the makeup she was wearing…

Hellboy and the WWE Nidia lookalike made the critical error famously made in TAR3, put regular unleaded gas is a DIESEL car… And Rebecca seemed to be clueless… “Is that a bad thing?” what the hell… Again, I don’t think both of them have all their marbles in the jar if you know what I mean… and they didn’t watch season 3…

Of course it was a good episode, though not the best premiere… that still goes to TAR3 then TAR1 the original! I still think TAR3‘s and TAR5‘s casts were better, this one seems kinda weak (of course being filled with models, what can you expect) though Phil said something about a new rule so we’ll see…


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