Bosox beat Yankees


9:10PM AND THERE IT IS! The BOSTON RED SOX have defeated the almighty NEW YORK YANKEES… like Mr Bennett said today, its so much fun seeing the “mighty” fall… lol… well the CARDINALS have to pull it out tomorrow… should be a great World Series

They said the Red Sox were watching one of the best sports movies ever made: MIRACLE before the game… and Fox just played Aerosmith’s Dream On… I think I’ll go watch the movie now…

I just realized, New England could very well win the World Series AND the Super Bowl this year… I wouldn’t mind that


oh yeah, another great episode… of course… I love the music on Alias and Lost… just like TAR’s pulse pounding soundtrack


One thought on “Bosox beat Yankees

  1. “and the dynasty has fallen” haha. maybe a-rod was bad luck. lol. DUMB YANKEES!!! GO BO SOX!! WHOO!!! FINALLY!! AFTER HOW MANY YEARS!!!! REVERSE THE CURSE!!! =P YAY!! i am happy!!! =]BYE LESTER!!


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