Lost JJ Abrams is a freakin’ genius + The Apprentice

Damn, the show is so freaky… kinda like Dark Shadows… so freakin’ eerie… that transmission, damn… i would be freaking out if i were one of those ppl there listening to that… 16 years? “the thing” killed everyone else?
J.J. Abrams is a freakin’ genius… simple as that….

Apex is insane… except for Jennifer M from SF, no one on that team is going win… not one… good for other Jennifer getting fired… next week the “munchkin/shaking an 8-ball was the scariest moment of my life” should be next one fired…
Good for the guys and Jenn M calling Apex out for firing Stacie J
I still want John or Pamela to win

Let’s see, some funny quotes…
Chris (to John): “Untie your shoe and bend over or something”

and there was another one, though I can’t remember…


What do you think?

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