Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 11 – “It’s okay, run them over!”


Wow, the moms get bitchy with each other… hmmm… early roadblock… more time in the Philippines? wow that’s hard… you need a lot of arm strength for that… Cavite! Jasmine Trias country… lol… did u see the rice fields? lol

Colin & Christie better miss that connection… Chip was funny crossing the “Girdle” HA! They missed it! Woah, they got the same flight… wow Ninoy Aquino International Airport… lol you cant open the window!!! AIRCON!!!! lol did the taxi driver say his name was “Allan,” but with the Filipino accent, I guess Chip & Kim heard him say “Alla” lol

I see Phil with jeepneys! hell yeah!!! YIELD!! YES FINALLY!!! THE YIELD!!! and on Colin & Christie!!!

wow that wouldve be so cool if they could put their names on a Jeepney!!! they just got there and I am freakin excited… wow… bring on the BALUT!!

ooo… patos… hahaha… Christie… shut the f@ck up… what a bitch… she’s like a carabao… loved that!!! hope that bus is AIRCON and not ORDINARY… lol wow Christie is a big help… shut the f@ck up a$$hole… he doesn’t want to help you… this is the best episode of THE AMAZING RACE ever!!!

no traffic… sorry Linda, no such luck… hey that’s Gloria’s duaghter!!! lol… yes Chip & Kim 1st… omg… good that Linda & Karen are 2nd… but………..

YES!!!!!!! …. Woah, woah,,, WHAT THE HELL…. non-elim… are you kidding me…. damn it… those bitches are going down…

Finale next week baby! TWO FULL HOURS…

rankings? basically the same… Brandon & Nicole, Chip & Kim, and Linda & Karen tied for 1st… Colin & Christie a distant 4th…


One thought on “Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 11 – “It’s okay, run them over!”

  1. i hope the first three teams come out to be the big winners! im rooting for brandon & nicole, then chip and kim, then the bowling mamas. lol. i just dont like colin and christie. sheesh, too much arguing, not enough compromising or communication! =P see you around! bye!


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