Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 28 – The Passion of Connor

Geez, I get pumped up for nothing… Over-hype is bad on television.
THE GOOD: (which is just a few)
-Elsa/Zeltrax battle
-Most of the Battlized Conner/Zeltrax Battle
-Tricera Max Megazord
-Some of the Battlizer (minus the Inspector Gadget arms)

-They spelled CONNER‘s name wrong in the title (already a bad sign)
-Where the hell was KIRA, Emma was on probably 1 minute out of the entire 20 minute episode?
-And what for? to give more airtime to Christa/Krista? Not only was she freakin’ annoying… she’s ugly. Dude, why chase after her when you’ve got Kira standing right there.
-The Battlizer is overrated. The plastic shoulder pads? um… no…
-Considering past Battlizer eps, this one was not very good at all. I mean look at WF they had to defeat the Org general (whose name I can’t remember) and even Space, they dived back into Karone/Astronema’s past. But this one? Conner has to get his fancy armor to save the tree bitch? WTF?!?!?
He should’ve just let her fall instead of “Go Go Gadget arms!”
-And the ending? New beginnings? Oh crap, does that mean we’re going to get more episodes like this? Please, there’s only 10 left SAVE US THE CRAP FOR SPD!

With all the hype surrounding this ep, it was really

(out of 4)


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