Let’s hope…

Well… it would’ve been nice if Conner and Kira had shown Ethan how to dance the Tango, but it was hilarious seeing Conner and Ethan dance together… lol… The Triassic Battlizer looks good let’s hope “The Passion of Conner” has some KirCo moments, if ya know what im sayin’

SCQ RELOAD had a sorta-kinda spoof of THE AMAZING RACE on Thursday’s episode… it was called RACE OF MY LIFE and KrungKrung/Sandara was rushing to get to the airport to go home to Korea, while Melissa was helping her and Hero, Mitch, and her mom were rushing to stop her… pretty funny…

Melissa and Sandara trying to book tickets to Korea.

Hero and Mitch in the Taxi rushing to the hospital


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