Classes so far…

All right, so lets see…
Block 1 English well it was ok today, but I guess I’ll have to wait until we actually get work…
Block 2 Calculus same as last year, kinda, just laugh my way through the whole year and never get anything… at least not after a couple of tries at ’em… how much different can BC be than AB? just the C i guess…
Block 3 Civics What can you expect from Gallegos, of course itll be interesting… lol
Block 4 Physics H Well, it will be less painful since its Mr. Farrell… so its ok
Block 5 Comparitive Religions Maybe the most painless class I have… it should be coolios, no problem
Block 6 French AP My stupidest decision ever, I did not get one word she said today… argh… its gonna be a long year in that class… i shouldve taken Psych

I guess I better stock up on SHCP shirts now if that’s all we can wear for free dress…



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