No TinTin

No TinTin, no Kristine … just Jericho, or should I say Echo… lol damn what was that, like a 4 minute visit? Maybe they were still in the parade… didn’t see it though… should’ve gone yesterday instead… I got my Sandara CD!! damn she looks hot on the album cover… Sarah Geronimo and Sheryn Regis too… pretty good… darn it, I was going to get my StarStudio Magazine signed too… lol oh well…

I think half of the Philippine Olympic team has been eliminated already, and in boxing! the strongest sport for Filipinos, geez… Couldn’t Pacquiao have been on the team? Well, go shooters! and acherette! and I think the PI has some competitors in Athletics too

edit: Jasmin Figueroa (Archery) moved on to the Round of 16 and Romeo Brin (Boxing) won his match as well


One thought on “No TinTin

  1. LoL Sandara?!? SHE’S NOT EVEN FILIPINA!! hehe, it’s all good…that lucky butt…Sarah Geronimo is a good singer with good ol’ Markie p00h Bautista!! yummie! but anyway, lucky you! I wanted the Singing Along with Sarah Geronimo but my mom wouldn’t let me get it (~_~) … but hey! have fun with the CDs! See ya whenever…ingat!


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