eventful day of school at SHCP

well im back…

well today was a very eventful day… drama, action, comedy, boring moments…. just like a good movie or episode of a show…

we started with BLOCK9, chem, mitchell and i did not do very well yesterday in JEOPARDY! lol… but after 2 questions today, we were in 3rd place… the questions were sooo easy… it was a pretty good day for us, but not for everyone else… WOAH… too much drama during and after class as i would later learn… i guess she wanted to land the last punch… have the last laugh…
BLOCK2 calc, monkey bowling confirming my B in the class, pretty much a normal calc class
BLOCK3 ethics, boring as usual…
BLOCK7, english, i didnt do so well on the essay… i think it was too disorganized…  ms phelan went crazy on the ppl outside who just wouldn’t shut up!  thank you for defending us ms phelan
BLOCK5, french, nothing really… but its always just pretty laid back, with a hint of tension in the air as always… lol
BLOCK8 history, the party… crossing gough, ms fry said she was sick from all the food and i didnt think there’d be a lot, but there was HELLA food… erica’s brownies were the best… lol thanks erika… evan tried to show us how to play GO (hmm… do you spell it like that? or GOE, lol) at first, when evan took those little things out, i also thought they were pieces of candy… then started the chain of aaron, erika, ms fry… that was funny… maybe there can be a game where the pieces are actually made out of candy and you can eat the ones you trap… lol good idea erika…
i was able to take my chips back since the bag wasnt opened, so i now have my contribution for calc on tuesday, though i think i said i was bringing soda…. bryce and i got lucky… no need to shop for tuesday lol
ms fry can give us so much work sometimes and we’re all like “damn i hate that class” but its days like today and days when we talk about kids with their head stuck in a chair that make me love the class… it balances out… lol

so who knows how the “drama” will play out… pretty scary, we could all get Fs on the final… so tonight, semi-studying for english and francais… wish me luck

and those mercy b girls are lucky gooses, today was their last day…


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