the year went by so fast…

one more day of school… wow… the year went by so fast…

so tomorrow night, study for french and english… over the weekend cram in three history study guides (I NEED THE 60 POINTS!) and maybe look over the crap for ethics… then on monday, study for chem and maybe try to understand the stuff for the calc TEST (thank you god, its not a final)

i just discovered that TAR might not air on AXN this year… i was hoping to watch THE AMAZING RACE on AXN in the philippines, but i dunno if they’re going to air it, though TAR is HUGE in asia… actually everywhere else but the united states…

oh and miss philippines was denied AGAIN for miss universe…  the closest we’ve come to having a miss universe from the pi was mariam quiambao (lol i remember) in 98 against trinidad & tobago… who was actually a judge last night… stupid final question… well actually the questions now suck because they’re written by the contestants… miss usa (who is not that pretty at all) wrote some stupid question… how the hell did she become runner up… oh yeah… 

at the end, i thought paraguay or ecuador (was it those two?  well the south american countries) were going to win… the australian seemed… bitchy… and not that good looking either…

okayz… buh byez


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