Best Amazing Race News

How could I forget the best news… Variety is reporting that CBS has ordered a 6th season of THE AMAZING RACE.  Though it was pretty obvious they ordered a 6th season when CBS posted the application online last month.

The article says that the early commitment might signal CBS’ willingness to open up another regular season primetime slot for THE AMAZING RACE again… but on Saturday… ewe Saturday, no one is going to watch on Saturdays. 

Put it on Wednesdays or move CSI to 10PM, no wait then it would go against APPRENTICE, never mind.  But it is still great news, though I wasn’t doubting the show’s future.


2 thoughts on “Best Amazing Race News

  1. there is no way in hell that they will move csi its perfect where it is.. 9.00 in fact its almost on.. yay! amazing race is GOOD.. but not THE BEST– that is reserved for CSI.. no competition.. hehe


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