laid back day today

Wow… a pretty good, laid back day today… Even Chem wasn’t bad! lol

BLOCK 9 CHEM: “Hey, they jakked our sh*t, yo!”
BLOCK 2 CALC: “This looks like a class that just took their AP exam…”
BLOCK 3 ETHC: “We might as well learn about STDs” (what a puet-hole)
BLOCK 7 ENGL: “[Cal athletes are actually smart?]”
BLOCK 5 FREN: “Lingo Bingo”
BLOCK 8 HIST: “[I’ve got to show you the kid with his head stuck in a chair]” and 40 minutes of similar discussion, I think the best HISTORY class of the year… lol

I wish all of our HISTORY classes were like that… Hmmm…. the best CHEM class of the year definitely has to be when Mr Moe subbed… lol… CALC is pretty much laid back all the time, FRENCH can be tense sometimes, ENGLISH is boring, though Ms. Phelan is a good teacher, and ETHICS, well really, its never good…

And remember to get our girl JASMINE TRIAS into the top 3! and eventually WIN IT ALL!


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