Mini-Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 13 – White Thunder (Part 3)

Okay, before we talk about the beautiful Pink, Blue, Green, and White AP Calc test, let me just say…

 (out of 4)
I think one of the best of the season… Though I can’t remember exactly what happened… I’m getting confuzzled with a Conner/Kira fanfic I read yesterday  which was freakin’ awe-striking… and being someone who was raised watching DAYS… I was able to appreciate the story even more…

Anywayz, it was a pretty good episode, nothing much to rant about… Loved seeing Conner kick Trent’s ass… for a minute at least.  And Tommy getting “Charity-ized” or “Charity-iced”*  in that brown sap was funny…

So next week it looks like, as Beevil said in PRNS, “finally… the ta-ruth” they find out Trent is the white ranger.

*referring to Kay Bennett freezing her cousin Charity Standish in a block of ice for several months in 2002 on NBC’s Emmy winning Daytime Drama PASSIONS… similar ice/sap shape too…


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