America is racist?

YEA!!!  Finally its Easter Break!!! No school till tuesday, april 20th!! when I have a french quiz and a chem   test but no need to worry about that now…

Very sad that my #3 Idol Camile Velasco was eliminated wednesday.  But what was up with the two Hawaiians, the two Asians, the two Filipinas! in the bottom two when clearly they outsang at least half of the remaining 9.   But hopefully the exposure on AI will help and at least she’s on the AI3 CD, which I would buy just for Jasmine and Camile, and maybe to hear digitally enhanced John Stevens.  Now I can concentrate on voting for Jasmine, Jasmine: step up with your performances, and ill step up with the voting GO JASMINE!!!

relaxed school day today, actually it started with block 2 yesterday, but really calc is relaxed every day (unless there’s a test).  movies in ethics (finding forrester) and french (french dubbed finding nemo) with a fire drill i thought would come during english where we had a “party” with half the 5th floor wandering around to each classroom… some heading to other floors too… but pretty boring as is all the other times we had nothing to do in english

oh the apprentice… i think bill’s got the win in the bag… against kwame?  come on… Donald Trump: “Bill… You’re hired!”  we’ll be hearing that line next week…  oh and omarosa is hilarious, i dunno why people hate her so much… i was squirming when she lied about the call, but omarosa is soooo funny… they lost jessica simpson?  you’d have to be really stupid to do that, lol jk… surprisingly, heidi was pretty subdued… that should change next week, lol…

GOOD LUCK MARISSA!!  stop being so negative, lol…

p.s. I just thought this was funny…


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